The Gavin Brown Diving Competition 22nd February 2019

On Sunday 22nd February our team of rising stars travelled to Southampton to compete in The Gavin Brown Diving Competition. The team consisted of Callum Salter, Zac Devey, Mia Devey, Jasmine Jones, Anthony Trigg and Harry Heaslewood.

Jasmine Jones took 1st place in Girls 10/11 Springboard, Mia Devey took 5th place in Girls 14/18 Springboard, Callum Salter took 4th place in Boys 10/11 Springboard, Harry Heaslewood took 4th place in Boys 12/13 Springboard, Zac Devey took 5th place in Boys 12/13 Springboard and Anthony Trigg took 1st place in Boys 14/18 Springboard.

We are incredibly proud of all our divers and for the ongoing support of their family and friends especially at competition time.